Why I relay

You might be laughing at the top photo on my blog and thats ok because I did too when I first saw this skeleton hanging on to this coconut on Fallen Sands. After laughing for what seemed like a day…smiling at it then laughing at it some more. As they say laughter is the best medicine. It also reminds me that no matter how bad the circumstance we have to hang on for the sake of life.

From August 2016  to October 2016 I have been taking my mother who is going through stage 3 lung cancer to radiation treatments on a daily basis, and to chemo. The lung cancer was gone for maybe 3 months (November -January)  and then they found another spot during testing. She is doing Immuno Therapy this time around. It seems cancer runs in the family. As one of my uncles passed away from Prostate Cancer, and my oldest sister survived stage 4 colon cancer.  I relay for my nephews,neice, and daughter so better medicine can be found to fight cancer. So that a mother and father dont have to watch their child become the next victim of the disease and so a child doesnt have to loose a parent.

At Fantasy Faire there is a beautiful Asian themed sim, Kakushi Pasu , dedicated specifically to cancer survivors and the survivor’s caretakers if you havent gone to see it you should asap as Fantasy Faire closes May 4th. If you want to learn more about this sim you should see my reblog of the interview with the creator..  Lokii Violet.