Freebies in SL Info

For info on the latest Freebie item check out:
*This page will constantly be updated as I find out more info!*
Great places to get freebies:
The Free Dove
Menstuff/Womenstuff Lounge (group required, 50L fee)
FabFree HQ
Violet Mafia HQ (group required, free)
Depraved Nation Depot (group required, free)
The Retreat (Freebie Fashionista group, free)
.:: Freebiesowo ::. (some dollarbies, can camp 30min for 2L)
In Good Taste AKA In Her Shoes (hair & shoes)
SeraphimSL HQ (group required, free)

Groups that give notices on freebies:
Violet Mafia
Fashion Trend
–> PixelGasm <–
Lucky Chair Stalkers
Mejora tu Apariencia
SL frees & offers
No Cabide

Freebie Blogs:
SL Freebie Addiction
Fabulously Free in SL 
Freebies and Cheapies in SL
SL Freebie Hunters
SL Frees and Offers

Best feed of freebie blogs: SL Freebie Blog Feed