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Cocoon RolePlay

I havent done a post on a rp sim in a long time but one really interesting one just came into view and I have to say I am seriously impressed. The roleplay is on a cyberpunk/Sci Fi sim and its called Cocoon.

Abit of Cocoon’s Story:
Its the year 2487. The earth’s surface has become virtually uninhabitable,humanity has fled the surface to floating cities and outworld colonies.

Cocoon is an artifical asteroid orbiting around earth a shipping hub connecting outworld commerce with the floating cities nearer to the earth’s surface. A space cross-road where freighter crews, smugglers,dealers, drifters and all kinds meet.


Cocoon RolePlay TP


Future is Near


The March L’Elite is over but the Twisted Hunt is still going on until the end of the month. If you dont know what the Twisted Hunt is then you havent been in SL very long. xD   In March there is typically a Spring Twisted Hunt and it consists of a list of clues and you finding a very well hidden box among many hidden boxes. The event lives up to its name as it totally twists you around. Finding the holo visor at PaperMoon is so worth it because you get it in several colors and here you see me wearing the purple version. The hair is from .:EMO-tions:. and you can find it at On9.
Maitreya Mesh Body,Hands & Feet – Lara
CATWA  Bento Head  Kimberly
Astralia – Moon Shine Nails (Vista bento)
.:EMO-tions:. * STARS * @ On9
[Avenge] Wen skin applier for Catwa – @ Skin Fair Sim 2
CATWA Mesh Eyes Pack
Miss Rue  – Vera Black  Wrap Crop Top MAITREYA from the March L’Elite
Miss Rue – Vera Black leggings-with-straps-Maitreya from the March L’Elite
**RE** Dark Queen Septum Ring
PUNCH / Monroe / Diamond
**RE** Venus Bracelets @ Shiny Shabby
*pm* HoloVisor: Plasma – Purple
*PosESioN*  Venezuela 9
LumiPro on marketplace – 2017 version

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Goth Girl ?

A question has been on my mind lately as Ive filled out applications for more sponsors..What is a Goth Girl?  Styles and Fashions have changed alot over the years in SL..not many go the ways of the traditional goth and use a more varied approach.  They go to mainstream stores and buy all the dark pattern clothes….The goth girl typically goes broke around Halloween buying all the goodies up from stores you wouldnt normally find dark items at …She goes to pastel goth fair and buys all the Lolita stuff up..There is Rockabilly Goth…There is Cyber Goth…There are so many versions of a Goth girl.
Maitreya Mesh Body,Hands & Feet – Lara
CATWA  Bento Head  Kimberly
[CX]xQuirky // Phat Claws – Metal ( Bento Vista )
[LCKY] Sierra
[[Avenge] Wen skin applier for Catwa – @ Skin Fair Sim 2
:.:AS:. Maria Tattoo
CATWA Mesh Eyes Pack
*MUKA* Arm Strap – Lara
Goth1c0: Cynbel Tunic Black @ We <RP
ED. Zaffiro Underpants Maitreya Black
.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Bunny Gas Mask – Black @ Suicide DollZ
*PosESioN*   Simple Woman 6
LumiPro on marketplace – 2017 version

Wicked Elite Event and The Men’s Department

Recently I stumbled upon the Wicked Elite Event and found an awesome latex open front suit from [sYs]. On the back of the suit is a wicked skull like design. The knee pads and elbow pads are sold separately from the outfit. If you want to check this event out then click here  Wicked Night .
[LCKY] Elli (Edited for glow.)
Shape and Skin
: .: Pouty Midget :. .: Fergie :.
[MC] Kissed GS Naimada
.ID. Soulful Eyes / Aqua Pack
Jewelry and Accessories
[sYs] DARKSIDE Kneepads (F) @ Wicked Elite Event
[sYs] DARKSIDE Elpads (F) left – Skull @ Wicked Elite Event
[ContraptioN] Undercity Scavenger *default no mask*@ The Men’s Department
:Diamante: Gluttony Facial Piercing
Izzie’s – Short Leather Gloves Applier for Slink
[sYs] DARKSIDE Open Body (F) – Black/White@ Wicked Elite Event
[sYs] DARKSIDE Tights
[Gos] Triumph Boots V2 – Fem – Black
Hands and Feet
Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Elegant
Blah. Jack Or Jill Pose 1 (I’m Strong) (not available)
 BehaviorBody – B-Hat-1M
Asian · Cyber

~*Little Red Kimono*~

I’m always looking around sl to find a beautiful kimono. I don’t know what it is about the Asian Culture, but I’ve always had a soft spot for it; whether its food, furnishings, architecture, music or fashion. Recently Dizzy Kit, of   ^v^DRBC^v^ released a little red kimono in several prints with a thong.
I decided to go to Kyoto as the sunset, to see the little Japanese shops and temples.

Kimono: ::drbc:: sakura kimono & thong – seductress
Shoes:  :F: Flore Platforms ( COLOUR – BLACK ) (not shown)
Skin: :[P] Plastik :- Astrali Skin : Syalani
Makeup: :[P]:-Aleria Makeups-UNISEX-Geisha://Crimson
Collar: .tsg. -The Sugar Garden – Chained Hearts Collar – Black  ( Found at Whore Couture Fair till the end of March.)
Hairbows: .tsg. The Sugar Garden – .tsg. Bell Hairbow – Short – Black ( Found at Whore Couture Fair till the end of March.)
Hair: Ploom .DK. Akuma – Indecisive
Piercings: – .HoD. – End Of The Night
LumiPro Hud Poses
 TP to Kyoto

Once night finally came I decided to do a little scenery hopping, and went to Metropolis City. Since Metropolis City is a cyber-like destination I decided to change up my outfit a little. 

kimono cybered at metropolis city

  kimono cybered at metropolis city

Pants,Top and Mask: Graves Jinx
Cy-Eye & Cy-Blade: Graves Nemesis (You can edit the color of the blade if you know how to edit select.)
Hair: Catwa Evie[3]
Hair Accessory: [sYs] Akemi (You must wear the hair to change the color and lighting but you can wear it with any hair after you are done editing it.)
Fan: Digital Eyes * Animated Fan Glow * Black
Shoes: [NeurolaB Inc.] Activa Boots Electro (not shown)
Gloves: .:::G.ID:::. Vicious Tape Gloves for Slink Hands
LumiPro Hud Poses

Tp to  visit Metropolis City: 
To buy the beautiful short kimono and thong :