The Latest From Ynys Seamaide at The Spirit Pool: April 21st – 23rd

Fantasy Faire 2020

Friday April 21st
The Cure Takes Teamwork

The Envoys of Seamaide convened at the Spirit Pool for a second time.This time, they were joined by citizens from other lands who offered suggestions for their quest to find artifacts of air, fire, water, and earth.

Snapshot _ RP 2, 3, Spirit Pool, Seamaide

Perhaps the taint that threatens the world has softened some hearts, for the citizens of Seamaide seemed more tolerant, more caring. After much discussion among the Envoys and Fairelands citizens, the group split into teams, each heading off on its own to focus its investigation on a single element.

Snapshot _ RP 2, 2 Spirit Pool, Seamaide

As the Envoys scattered in the four directions, their whispered needs carried on the winds, “Come, all citizens of the Fairelands. Choose an element and be part of a team that works to find the cure.”


Saturday April 22nd
An Evil Lurks in the Skies

Today, the Envoys of Seamaide reconvened at the Spirit Pool…

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