Happy Halloween !!!

Happy Halloween! Did you know that at Pumpkin Town is part of the Creepy Crawl and there is a costume contest put on by Linden Labs ! October 31, from 10 AM to 3 PM SLT. 10 places, 10 stops, will be visited in this Creepy Crawl. An intersim Halloween Event, and each stop will have a djset, live performance, or something else. A really nice Halloween event!
Moreover, in each stop, you will find a gift. A cute creation from Boudoir!
Ho! And there is also a Costume Contest! Wear you more crazy, spooky Halloween costume. And try, in each spot to win 5000 L$!
For more information Pumpkin Town Blog
 Speaking of costumes, recently on my visit to Pumpkin Town I visited a little cave on the bayou and decided to take some pics in this lovely witches costume I got from Mad Circus2. The poses I used for the pic below is from Belle Poses @ Mad Circus so head down there as well before everything poofs away in a cloud of smoke. 

Haunted House @ Pumpkin Town


Magika – Darkness Falls
[PS] ::Hera:: Nude in (B) Cream

CATWA Mesh Eyes Pack
Makeup and Tattoos
Piercings and Jewelry
PUNCH / Monroe / Diamond
K Creations – Morgana Dress, Hat, and shoes Maitreya – Mad Circus 2016 – exclusive
Photo Props
BellePoses -Witch Girl – Pose 3 @ Mad Circus
LumiPro on marketplace – 2016 version

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