She stalks the night

At Fantasy Fair [Gauze] released the Fenrir armor, and now its in more colors ! It now comes in Twilight, Blood, Rust, Mithril, Gaia, and Forest for both men and women. You can buy the armor together or the pieces separately.The Fenrir gloves come with five different claws for use with the pose hud, that can pose both hands or pose the hands separately.  Make sure to try the demo for the armor first, because alot of the pieces are rigged mesh. To find the [Gauze] store at Twilight please follow the  blue pathway to the building with no roof, between Trap and Unpredictable, and it’s straight back behind the skins.  
(with some light)
(r)M ~ Hair No.11 (F) ~ Pale
Shape and Skin
: .: Pouty Midget :. .: Fergie :.
[MC] Naimada Skin Kissed @ Skin Fair 2014
Corvus : “Dead Eyes” Eyeshadow
Lovely Disarray – Attitude : Unisex Face Paint
-UtopiaH- Haunted Tattoo & SLink Hand Appliers @ The Dark Style Fair
.ID. Soulful Eyes / Aqua Dark
Jewelry and Accessories
*FN* Stealth’s Katana
[Gauze] Fenrir – Gloves – w/ Hud – Twilight
[Gauze] Fenrir – Pauldrons
[Gauze] Fenrir Boots – Female – Twilight
[Gauze] Fenrir Pants – Twilight
[Gauze] Fenrir Strapped Bodice – Twilight
{NanTra} Hear Me Roar! 4 @ Fantasy Gacha Fair
*FN* Stealth Pose @ Marketplace

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